“Gods were like possums. 
You could go your whole life without seeing one, but once you found one of them, you found the whole freaky family.”


It’s a beautiful day for a war.

As the mortal world slowly slips into chaos of the godly kind, Alexandria Andros must overcome a stunning defeat that has left her shaken and in doubt of their ability to end this war once and for all.

And with all the obstacles between Alex and her happily-ever-after with the swoonworthy Aiden St. Delphi, they must now trust a deadly foe as they travel deep into the Underworld to release one of the most dangerous gods of all time.

In the stunning, action-packed climax to the bestselling Covenant series, Alex must face a terrible choice: the destruction of everything and everyone she holds dear… or the end of herself.

You’re a mean one, Mr Ares, your heart’s an empty hooooole! Ok I may or may not be listening to Christmas music as I write this review but the The Grinch and Ares aren’t too far off from one another. Things I was expecting from this book: war strategies galore, a million training montages, a romance subplot, and Seth and company getting their asses kicked in an explosive finale. Did I get my explosive finale? Well yes, yes I did. But I didn’t really get all of those other things I listed. Oh no, this time JLA thought it’d be fun to play with my emotions and make this final installment so unbelievably emotional that I don’t even know where to begin. And it’s not just the sadder emotions, like there was happiness and pure joy but also unbelievable sadness and anger and that was all in one chapter, probably. I didn’t expect this book to make me so emotional but it did and hats off to Armentrout for that. She absolutely killed me with this book and her fantastic writing and she’s now joined the exclusive club of authors that I want to write my life. She’d do a great job with my life. I’m so glad I picked up this series because it was absolutely great. There might’ve been a few bumps along the road but it was all worth it in this truly epic finale. I’d love to give it 4.5 stars, my heart really wants to, but I gotta stick with 4 stars which is still a great rating!! And absolutely well deserved!! I loved it so much, wow.

As always, since we’re at the end of a series I can’t properly review it without revealing any spoilers so an epically huge “I’m about to spoil the entire ending” SPOILER ALERT is now in effect.


  • As I mentioned above, this book was emotional as hell. But the biggest thing that hit me about this book was how Alex was acting in the first third of the book, after coming back from (near) Olympus after Apollo healed her from her battle with Ares. She was just so unbelievably broken and numb inside and it was killing me seeing her like that. It was killing her too but she didn’t understand it. Now, I have no idea if this was Armentrout’s intention or if I’m just making this up, which is highly possible, but for a time there I thought Alex was truly depressed because of what Ares did to her. Like, he pushed her to the point where she actually wanted to die and that must’ve really messed with her. So the numbness, the lack of emotion and care, little to no motivation, it all felt like signs of depression to me. And I think she handled it wonderfully here. There wasn’t any glorification or romanticizing of these feelings within Alex and it actually got to the point where it scared her how she was numb inside. I mean we eventually find out that Ares had marked Alex and put Deimos and Phobos inside her, who were amplifying her fear and paranoia and sucking up all her other emotions, but I still believe Alex was showing signs of depression. It killed me seeing her like that because it hit me so hard, and that’s why I love how Armentrout handled all of it.
  • I know I’ve been praising the use of mythology in every single review I’ve done for this series but it was so fantastic. Like, unbelievably fantastic. It’s like a dream come true seeing Greek gods in the modern world and acting like normal, modern people…..with all that godly immortal power but still, you get the point. I mean that scene with Apollo being adorably fascinated by Newton’s Cradle? So cute! This time we got to see Athena, who was an amazing delight, and we also got to see more Hades, who was as I expected him to be. Still don’t like him, unless it’s the Disney version of him. And then there was the inclusion of a Titan? That was just hilarity and pure joy and a favourite plot point, for sure. But I loved how Alex showed all the gods that this was also their fight and they needed to help defeat Ares. It was great seeing them all come together to help Alex and the gang. The use of Greek mythology throughout this entire series was smart and exciting and it’s one of the things I loved most. It’s a great spin on one of my favourite histories.
  • The overall story might be about Alex becoming the Apollyon and defeating a god, but the love between Alex and Aiden is without a doubt the heart of this entire series. It played off on that cliched “love conquers all” for majority of this series and especially in the last book, but I think because of who these characters are and how they’re written it becomes less cliche, or at least it does to me. I mean their love not only made each other stronger but it made their entire world stronger and changed practically everything. They just had an overall beautiful relationship and every single scene made me cry. I think what I loved most was how when Alex asked Aiden to do something, he’d listen and actually do it. I know, what a wild concept, a man listening. But their relationship is also super different from other YA relationships I’ve read. Usually when we get a YA love triangle the protagonist ends up choosing the character that’s like Seth and the character like Aiden gets written out of character to make the other one look better, but I knew Armentrout would never do that to me and I admire that she kept to Alex’s initial love for Aiden. And while I love me some brooding bad boys, I’m glad Aiden wasn’t like that because sometimes you need a strong and protective soft puppy who respects the hell out of you as a love interest.
  • I’m still not over that ending. I knew that there was that possibility of Alex dying, because Apollo said so, but I honestly thought that he’d come through with Zeus and after defeating Ares (which was epic beyond belief) and he’d let her live because she saved the world and all that jazz, but Zeus is a stubborn bastard so I was surprised, but also not surprised. So then I figured that once arriving in the Underworld Apollo would immediately pop in and be like “hey Alex, I’m bringing you back to life now! Yay!” Aaaaaand that didn’t happen either. Like, what the hell?? We can’t actually have Alex die! That’s not fair! Protagonists don’t die!! But my boy Apollo came through once more in the sneakiest way possible and I couldn’t believe it!! It was an amazing ending plot twist!! I went from crying sad tears to crying happy tears and it was beyond beautiful what he did. It was the perfect non-cliche loophole and I’m so glad that this was the ending Armentrout wrote for Alex and Aiden. Ugh, just perfect.
  • I was actually worried when I started this book that the whole daimon attacks thing would be the major plot so I’m happy that wasn’t what this book was about and I liked how Ares, Lucien, and even Seth were controlling them and were the ones responsible for the attacks served as the explanation. It made sense and it definitely tied into the overall Ares plot so it was great.
  • I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this, but Seth redeemed himself. I know, I’m surprised too. Like I kept waiting and waiting for him to do something, anything, that would earn full redemption but nothing happened. Not when he surrendered himself to Alex’s side and left Ares’ side, not when agreed to transfer the power to her, and not even when he teamed up with Alex to defeat Ares. None of that felt like true redemption to me because Seth was still who he was. Nothing really merited the kind of redemption I wanted to give him until the VERY END OF THIS BOOK. As soon as I finished I closed the book and just sat there, thinking about how Seth redeemed himself. He actually did it. And it was good.


  • Can we please stop with the unnecessary deaths? It’s not fair. None of those characters deserved to die because it really didn’t add much to the overall plot. I don’t want any more deaths.
  • I just realized, do we actually know what happened to Alex’s dad after Ares was defeated? Because I can’t remember, and I just read this book.
  • Seth continued to be the worst thing about this series until the very end. Sorry, those are my feelings.


  • This book finished off a stellar series on an incredibly high note that hits all the important emotions and areas. But nothing is better than seeing the development each of these characters went through, even the gods, and adding that to an unbreakable romance, you’ve got the recipe for a great book and a fantastic series.

BONUS: how this book made me feel in a GIF



Title: Sentinel (Covenant #5)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Release Date: November 2, 2013
Pages: 353 (eBook)

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