Hello friends and happy, er, what’s left of Friday! I’m so glad it’s finally Friday and I’m definitely looking forward to sleeping the weekend away. And reading too, of course. So here I am, sitting in my room watching tv, trying to think of a character to showcase today. And then I thought “hey, why not pick one of the characters that I’m watching?” I’ve been rewatching this series for the billionth time and falling for my favourite character all over again, so pick one of these characters for COTW I shall. I believe I’ve briefly talked about this character before and for anyone who knows me, this character is the ultimate bad boy character for me. Does that help? It should. That’s the best hint I’ll ever give out.

This week’s character is…..

*drum roll*

Dylan McKay!


Even if you don’t know this character personally, I guarantee everyone has at least heard of Dylan McKay. He is one of the most famous characters from the ever so popular 90s teen drama, Beverly Hills, 90210. Yes, this series is older than I am and I’m pretty sure Dylan is like twice my age but I don’t care; I still love him. He’s your classic bad boy, rebel without a cause, James Dean incarnate, nothing but trouble but secretly has a heart of gold boy and it’s what I truly live for. For majority of the series, I love Dylan to bits. He’s smart, well spoken, and a very loving person…..when he’s sober, that is. But when the writers decide to play with his sobriety in some of the later seasons, particularly seasons 5 and 9, he kinda got on my nerves. I can chalk it up to him being out of character and honestly it’s easier to pretend those seasons never existed. But he’s also a character that’s apparently never allowed to be happy, whether it’s the back and forth between Brenda and Kelly (for the record, he should’ve ended up with Brenda), the sudden death of his father, breaking his sobriety, or the murder of his wife, nothing good was ever allowed to happen to him. Even if he didn’t have the best parents, he created a really great bond with Jim and Cindy Walsh and he belonged to that family in a special way. No matter how screwed up his character got, I’ll always love Dylan McKay and because I can recognize his flaws it’s all good.


  • He loves surfing
  • He drives a Porche and rides a motorcycle as well
  • He has a little sister named Erica
  • He speaks French fluently
  • His mom lives in Hawaii
  • He’s part owner of the Peach Pit
  • His best friend is Brandon Walsh
  • He enjoys romantic poetry
  • He’s a recovering alcoholic
  • He does not like baseball
  • He’s part of the most iconic love triangle in history: Brenda, Dylan, and Kelly


  • “May the bridges I burn light the way.”
  • “I just don’t believe in winning through intimidation. Unless, of course, I’m doing the intimidating.”
  • “If we’re meant to be together, time will tell.”
  • “I loved you more than I ever thought I could love anybody. Maybe that was the problem.”
  • “Brenda, who saved me from going back to drinking. She saved me from myself. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without you guys. At the risk of sounding mushy… you Walsh people are the only family I got.”

Until next time,


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