Hello friends and happy Tuesday! I hope everyone’s having a good day so far. As I was trying to decide on what I should focus on for our list today, it hit me: I haven’t talked about my favourite bad boys. Are you as shocked as I am? I could’ve sworn I done this list already since we all know how much I love my bad boys. Though it appears I have yet to do so. And it’s funny because every week I’m like “ooh I should list my top bad boys….oh wait no, I already did that.” My life seems to be one giant thing of irony, apparently. But I’m kinda glad I haven’t done it yet because I’m super excited for this list. It’s gonna be my favourite one to write thus far.

Here is today’s Top Five Tuesday: Book Bad Boys!


I’ve talked about this character so many times I’m sure you’re all sick of me (and him) but guess what? I don’t care. Honestly, Nate is the perfect bad boy. He’s got that “I couldn’t care less” persona, rides a motorcycle, wears a leather jacket, has lowkey criminal activity, and just a bad reputation. But the best part is he secretly has a heart of gold and he’s such a lovable person. I want all bad boys to be like Nate because he’s one of the best I’ve ever encountered and he’s essentially the love of my life.


Sigh, my beautiful bad boy alien. Daemon’s kinda similar to Nate but he’s more bad boy in the sense that he has more of an intimidating persona and a bit of arrogance to him. Sure, he’s against rules and does what he wants, whenever he wants, and has a bit of a reputation with girls rather than with law enforcement, but he’s still a solid bad boy. He’s also a bit like a little puppy when he falls in love with Katy and can be such a sweetie. See? Bad boy with a heart of gold.


Noah’s a bit of a bad boy because he has a certain arrogance and cockiness to him, probably because he has the ability to blow money on whatever he’d like, but it’s the way he carries himself and that bad, bad reputation that earns him a spot on this list. He also has issues galore and very careful around the people he hangs out with but he’s also very smart. And, like Daemon, when he loves he’s like a cute puppy. He loves with all his heart and it’s so great seeing Noah melt his cold heart around Mara. He’s a very good kind of bad. *waggles eyebrows*


Listen, there is nothing more bad boy worthy than a fallen angel. Come on. It can’t get any badder than that. Just like the previous boys on this list, Raffe earns this title because of the way he carries himself and he has that right level of arrogance. I mean when you walk around calling yourself “The Wrath of God”, wearing only dark jeans for that matter, you become a bad boy on your own. He’s also the kind of bad boy that relies on the “couldn’t care less” persona, like Nate, but it’s more for protection of Penryn since he cares SO much about her. Hell, Raffe thinks of himself as a bad boy so a bad boy he shall be. And I love him.


Ok honestly, Wesley’s might not be a bad boy to other people but he is to me. And in actuality he’s more like a soft bad boy. He’s considered a bad boy because he wears nothing but black, wears a toooon of jewelry (a true bad boy staple), and dabbles in guyliner which only he can pull off. He’s also a badass fighter and is like your textbook punk rocker type. But he also scares super easy and loves baked goods and supports his girl and can honestly do makeup better than me, probably. Plus there’s the fact that he’s a Hufflepuff so that automatically makes him soft. I love this soft bad boy.


Trent Maddox, Logan St. James, Jaxon Trent, Zeke Daniels, and Aaron “Rain” Ryland.

Well, those are my top bad boys with a few honourable mentions! I couldn’t complete this post without some honourable mentions because they for sure deserve to be included. If only it was a Top Ten Tuesday…..oh well. Be sure to check out my bad boy kink shelf on Goodreads for the books these boys appear in!

Until next time,


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