Hello friends and happy Thursday! We’re one more day away from the weekend and I cannot wait for it to come. I wasn’t really planning on doing an Off Topic post today but I felt like there were a couple things I wanted to talk about so here we are.

Friendly reminder that Off Topic Thursday is an occasional discussion about anything other than books, such as: tv shows, movies, music, and personal life updates.


So, as I’ve mentioned a bunch of times, I’ve gone back to working full time for the past couple months and it’s killing me. Honestly, the only perk of work is that I’ve gotten super close to someone that I never spent that much time with until now and having that friendship makes me happy. I feel so tired after every day and it’s like I have little energy to read anymore but I’m trying my best to keep up to date. But it looks like I’m failing since I’ve fallen behind on my reading challenge but I’m still semi-up to date on my blogging so at least I have that. So if you ever wonder why I’m posting so late or why my reviews have slowed down, just blame work. On the bright side, my bank account is relatively happy and doesn’t get mad at me for buying more and more books.


The second thing I wanted to share is something super exciting. A couple nights ago, I found out that I got accepted to the publishing program I applied to! Which means that my dream of being in publishing is going to come true! I was so nervous about applying and the “will I get in??” ordeal but nothing made me happier than finding out I got in. I’m so happy and excited to start this program and I cannot wait to see where it takes me.


The final thing is baseball is finally back and I guarantee that will take up whatever free time I have left. I’ve missed my Blue Jays and I hope they don’t disappoint me as much as they did last season. I mean, we’re already over .500, which we never did last year, so it can only go up from here.


Until next time,


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