Hello friends and happy Tuesday! Is anyone else sick of this nonsensical snow and ice storms and ready for some nice spring weather? Just me? Cool. Anyways, today we’re still continuing with Armentrout April and I’ve decided to focus on my favourite ships that have come from her books thus far. The woman first roped me in with some great couples and it’s like I keep finding better ships the deeper I get into her work. There are a lot of ships to choose from but I think this might be a pretty easy decision. I’m not entirely sure if I’ve mentioned any of these ships before so if I have I apologize.

Here is today’s Top Five Tuesday: Ships: JLA Edition!


Everyone: *pretends to be shocked* Ok, seriously, I don’t think anyone will ever top these two when it comes to my favourite JLA ships. I don’t think any book will ever top Lux in general but there is so much I love about Katy and Daemon. There’s the whole “good girl, bad boy” dynamic, the opposites attract, the witty banter, and for me, they have the kind of love you can literally feel coming off the page. I love the characters together and I love them apart but they mean the world to me. I want my own Daemon Black.


This is my favourite book of the Wait For You series and this couple is probably why. The trope used, falling for the brother’s best friend, is a secret favourite of mine but I think it’s the dynamic and meaning of this relationship that really got me. It felt like there was a bit of a flip here because usually it’s the woman that’s insecure and afraid to be vulnerable and get her heart broken in the relationship, which isn’t a bad thing at all, it’s just common, but in this book it was Jase that felt this way and it was Jase who was afraid of getting hurt. I love how he helped Teresa get stronger, even though she grew a lot on her own, but she helped him open up and believe in love again and it warms my heart so much. They’re so wonderful for each other and I miss them.


Again, no one should be surprised. These two honestly killed me so much. Not as much as Katy and Daemon killed me, but god I’ll never stop loving this ship. The trope used for them was basically a forbidden love, since he’s a pure and she’s a half and that’s a giant no-no, and again it’s a trope that I basically feed off of. I loved that even though they shouldn’t have ever been together, they risked literally everything to be together and now they have eternity. I feel like their love is one that’s earned and worth it and it’s almost even heart stopping. All I know is that I couldn’t be happier to see them back in the Titan spinoff series and I’m still so in love with them, as they are with each other. Nothing is better than seeing the stoic character fall apart for the one he loves.


I usually don’t like listing things from the same work, but I can’t not talk about Calla and Jax. As much as I love Teresa and Jase, I feel like the relationship between Calla and Jax hit me more than Teresa and Jase did. Jax seemed like such a rough and hard character but he couldn’t be softer with Calla. I feel like he helped her love herself so much and to learn to accept herself, because he loves and accepts her regardless, and he never made her feel ashamed about anything. That’s the kind of thing I love and relate to and I think their relationship normalized a lot of stuff that I want to see normalized. I might not love their book the most, but I love them a whole lot.


You all know how much this book killed me so you shouldn’t be surprised that I’m including them. I’m such a sucker for the childhood friends to lovers trope and I’m also a sucker for second chance romance too, which is more or less what these two were. But the biggest thing that I loved for these two, other than again it’s the classic bad boy and good girl, is that their love was emphasized on who they currently were to each other instead of focusing on who they used to be to each other. I also loved how good they were for the other, especially how it turned out Mallory was better for Rider than the opposite, which is what I’m used to, so this ship pleased me in so many ways. They’re just so darn cute, alright?

Well, those are my favourite JLA ships! I would like to give a special honourable mention to Ivy Morgan and Ren Owens (Wicked), Deacon St. Delphi and Luke Ritter (Covenant) and Avery Morgansten and Cam Hamilton (Wait For You) because I definitely love these guys a lot too.

Until next time,


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