Hello friends and happy Tuesday! It looks like my theme of Armentrout is starting to wind down which means it’s time for the last Top Five focusing on her books. Not gonna lie, I’ve had a lot of fun with this theme and maybe in the future I can do it again. Who knows? Anything’s possible! Anyways, to close out the month with my last list for JLA, I decided to focus on why exactly I love her and her books so much. I remember a few years back when I really started to get back into reading and I’d see all these people talking about their favourite authors and I’d just sit there like “uh…..I have no idea who my favourite author is.” But now that I’ve dipped my toes into a bunch of different authors over a vast majority of genres, I definitely have a solid lineups of favourites, but I truly think Armentrout is like my favourite favourite. And it looks like there are five reasons why!

Here is today’s Top Five Tuesday: Why I Love JLA’s Books!


This might be a bit of a copout reason but thinking subjectively, what makes an author your favourite is definitely the way they right, isn’t it? And for me, JLA has a writing style that just completely draws me in and captivates me regardless of what the genre is. Sometimes when I’m reading a book, the author can lose me because their writing is either trying too hard and becoming borderline pretentious or aren’t trying enough and it’s almost as if I can feel a lack of care in the words. But with JLA, her writing is always just right with me and has such an easy flow to it while still maintaining a stellar vibe. Everything from her plots to her characters are always thought out and I know that her writing is something I can always look forward to. I’m not entirely sure what she’s doing right but I know that it’s perfect for me.


I know that for me, personally, finding good female characters has always been hard. I think a lot of the times in YA, authors are so focused on making their girls powerful and strong characters by making them ruthless killers and ambiguously grey and because there’s so much focus on making them strong because of a physical factor, they forget to give the characters layers and make them seem strong through other avenues. But with JLA, she’s managed to create strong female characters in every genre and in multiple ways. You have Alex Andros who’s strong because she’s a skilled and trained fighter and demigod and puts herself back together constantly, Katy Swartz who’s strong both emotionally and physically and wants to be strong to protect those she loves, Mallory Dodge who’s strong because of what she’s overcome in her life and how she continues to grow stronger each day, Teresa Hamilton who’s strong because she got out of an abusive relationship and is stronger because of it, and of course, Josie Bethel who’s strong because of how she adapts to the crazy life she’s thrown into and stands up for herself to protect her heart. These girls are on every side of the spectrum of being strong but it shows how real and relatable they are. I like that JLA shows how easy it is to be a strong female character because every girl can and is strong. I look up to all of her girls and relate to a bunch of them and I’m so thankful for all of them.


I guarantee a good chunk of my favourite ships come from her books. JLA knows how to take all of my favourite tropes and come out with fantastic ships and romances. A personal favourite of mine is the bad boy and the good girl, which is in both Lux and The Problem With Forever, and those two are coincidently my favourites. But she also explores almost every trope out there, especially in Wait For You, and the romances feel so different each time. There’s friends to lovers, brother’s best friend, one night stands, and more. I think the only one I haven’t seen from her yet, and I say yet because there are still a bunch of books I have yet to read, is fake dating which is basically my kryptonite. The ships are always well balanced and incredibly emotional that I always feel something for them. I hope she never stops feeding me so well with her romances because they are outstanding.


You all know I love me a good plot twist but damn, no one really knows how to plot twist like JLA does. Sure, Leigh Bardugo is fantastic at this in Six of Crows but it’s kinda expected out of that book given how extra Kaz is. But with JLA, I think, she always pulls a plot twist out of left field and surprises the hell out of me. Her cliffhangers are also pretty great but I’m here for her plot twists. And the thing with her plot twists is that they never feel like they’re added for shock value or to make things more interesting and it’s more of a feeling that it’s what she always had planned out and therefore constantly make sense. Sure, the plot twist could be batshit crazy but it’s one that’ll make sense within the context of the book. She catches me off guard like no other and it’s great.


I think the best thing about JLA’s books is that they always make me feel so happy and have such a comforting level to them that I always know how I’m gonna feel coming out of reading one. Her stories excite me and her characters make me wish that I was either friends with them or actually one of them, and it’s almost like I can always count on her books regardless of how I’m feeling. They put a smile on my face, or even make me cry on occasion, but that just means that she manages to make me feel something constantly and I hope I never lose those feelings.

Well, those are the top reasons why I love JLA’s books! I know there are a bunch of other reasons why people love her books or other authors’ books and regardless of why you love an author, it’s a great thing to feel. Be sure to let me know who you love the same way I love JLA in the comments! I’d love to hear about them.

Until next time,



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