Hello friends and happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a better day than me since I was home sick. But this gave me a bit of inspiration for today’s Top Five, not gonna lie. When I’m home sick, the thing I love to do most is watch a bunch of Disney movies, especially ones I loved as a kid, and it got me thinking about all the books I used to love as a kid, too. And look at that, we now have our topic for today! Granted, when I was a kid I read a lot of picture books but there’s really nothing wrong with that but I will try to get some “real” books on this list as well. Ah, I can already smell all the nostalgia this post is creating.

Here is today’s Top Five Tuesday: Childhood Books!


I guarantee that if you look back to 10 year old me, all you’d find would be any kind of Olsen twins book in my hands. I couldn’t tell you why I loved their books so much, especially when their only involvement was probably just their names and being on the covers, but I was obsessed. I’m pretty sure you could throw anything that was Olsen twins related and I’d be obsessed because that’s who I was growing up. I did like some of the It Takes Two books as well, but the New Adventures were my go-tos.


Oh man, my girl Junie B. Jones. Who didn’t love this little sassmaster? I still remember seeing these books in the Scholastic book order sheet and always wanting to get them. I can’t remember which one was my favourite but I remember that I related to her a lot. Opinionated, particular, outspoken, all things that 11 year old me was all about. I miss her, I hope she’s doing well.


Ok, does anyone remember Amelia Bedelia? That silly maid that took everything seriously and got things backwards? She was so funny and I remember how happy I was the first time reading that book. I couldn’t believe that she thought a baby shower really meant taking a shower or drawing the curtains literally meant drawing the curtains. I think one of my favourite teachers gave me my first Amelia Bedelia book and it was my favourite book for a long time.


Whether it was the show or the books, Arthur has always been near and dear to my heart. I think I still have all my books, too. Somewhere. Maybe. But there’s something about Arthur that I immediately fell in love with and it’s something that still resonates with me today. It’s such a timeless classic with pretty pictures that I’ll never get enough of.


Obviously, I need to include Harry Potter on this list. It’d be incomplete without it. But I should probably state for the record that I started reading this series when I was 11 (almost 12) and did it in the dumbest order known to mankind: 5, 6, 7, 3, 4, 2, and 1. Don’t ask me why. Well, actually, I tried the first book when the first movie came out but lost interest and then when I was 11 I was bored in class and picked up Order of the Phoenix and then…..all that happened. So yeah. But no childhood would be complete without Harry Potter and I’m glad mine isn’t.

Well, those are my top books from my childhood! I’m sure I left out a bunch, like any Robert Munsch book or The Berenstain Bears, but they’re still in my heart. Be sure to let me know in the comments what your favourite childhood books were!

Until next time,


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