Prince Alexander of Macedon has battled both men and monsters, but his final war will determine his fate…and the future of mankind. While Macedon’s enemies close in from all corners of the earth, Alexander must fulfil one last prophecy that dictates only he—and he alone—can ensure humanity’s survival against the age of the deadly Spirit Eaters.

As the threads of fate draw Alexander closer to his destiny, an exiled queen will meet a runaway princess, a young sorceress will set the final path of her heart and generals will choose their final battles. Before the light of victory can shine, enemies must become allies, Death must be tamed and hearts must break.

Who will rise and who will die?

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I used to be so in love with this series, so much to the point where it was something I’d constantly recommend because I believed it deserved a lot more love than it got. I was loving the historical aspect to it, the characters, the insane plot twists, and I couldn’t wait to see how the series would finish off. I even made this book one of my Top Five most anticipated new releases of 2018. And then I read it. And now I’m disappointed. It was like everything I used to love about this series was just forgotten or omitted within this book and made me question what the entire point was. Nothing thrilled me, nothing really kept my interest, and nothing about this book really made me enjoy it. Not only am I disappointed by this book but I feel betrayed. I got my hopes up and in the end it wasn’t worth it. Ugh.

Since this is the final book in a series, I cannot properly review it without revealing spoilers so a SPOILER ALERT is now in effect.


  • Uh…..well…..the character I hated ended up dead? So that’s a plus? I don’t know, there wasn’t really anything that was systematically good about this book for me to actually point out. I didn’t really like anything about this book, to be honest.
  • Zofia was the only one who ended up happy and that makes me happy. I support her.


  • Oh boy, the plot for this final book was either thrown out the window completely or it was like Herman made a dart board and threw random darts to determine where exactly her story was going to go. It appeared to start off where the previous one finished but then had like 50 different time jumps and it drove me INSANE. We all know how much I hate time jumps and we got little to no warning when it came to the ones in this book. But even if there weren’t those time jumps, the plot still made little to no sense. I don’t understand what happened. There was some weird thing with Cynane and her New Amazons which should’ve felt inspiring (because well, feminism) but it was out of place, and then Hephaestion resulted into being a character that was just there and stopped adding relevance to the plot. I think there was some kind of war alliance that was meant to be important but felt like something pulled out of the shadows because Herman didn’t know how to keep up her historical involvement. And then there was something about Spirit Eaters and magic? Which I still don’t get? I’m honestly trying to find things to focus on about the plot but it’s like I can’t find anything because the plot was essentially nonexistent. I wish I could tell you what happened but I just don’t. It was a mess.
  • I think the thing that truly ruined this book was the fact that there were so many POVs and narratives that it not only confused you but made you really lose touch with the plot, which kind of goes back to my previous point. In the past when I’ve experienced multiple POVs in a book, 90% of the time they’re not done well and I ultimately lose interest in most, if not all, of the characters. It happened in the final book of The Raven Cycle (which does not exist in my opinion), Throne of Glass (which I gave up on and again, doesn’t exist), Falling Kingdoms, etc. At this point, we all have our favourite characters and narratives and when we experiences those that aren’t our favourites, there’s little to no care. But this narrative went outside the core six character and kept throwing in random ones that I think were meant to show multiple sides of the plot but didn’t do that in the end. They just ended up being annoying. And characters you thought deserved a POV never got one and then there were random POVs that occurred once and you never heard from them again. It just seemed pointless and a waste of words and paper.
  • What happened to these characters? Like, seriously. I used to love almost all of the characters in this series but they were all obliterated by the end of this series. The only character that didn’t change was probably Zofia and I honestly think she did continue to get stronger, and I’m glad she had a happy ending, but good god the rest of the characters were destroyed. Hephaestion was essentially reduced to being a background character because no one needed him anymore, Alexander apparently lost all importance when he lost his magic and basically gave up, I feel like there was an attempt at giving Katerina a “darkness” storyline but she seemed just weak and useless, which is NOT the Katerina I’ve grown to love, and worst of all, Cynane became a man. That is the WORST thing to ever happen because it felt like it went against everything Cynane was trying to prove, about how she can be just as strong as a man and lead an army, and Herman took 5 steps backwards in feminism by literally transforming her into a man. I hated that storyline most of all and I will never be ok with that. Why couldn’t she just remain as Cynane? Why make her a man? Just for power?
  • I honestly don’t know what the point of the relationships were throughout the series because no one ended up being endgame, minus Zofia and Ochus, but that was so last minute and like a single sentence that again, it didn’t matter all too much. Katerina and Hephaestion were over as soon as they started and she was basically resorted to being Jacob’s love interest again, there was an unnecessary tease of Alexander and Hephaestion who both went on to marry other women, which seemed very out of character but whatever, and apparently the only reason Hephaestion had any interest in Katerina in the first place was because she was the girl version of Alexander, which was beyond lame. I’m not that mad that Cynane fell in love with the leader of the New Amazons (who’s name I can’t remember but it doesn’t matter) but it only happened because she was a man and again, that sucked.


  • I used to think this series was so underrated and completely worth it, but this series finale took all of that away. The plot quickly began to lose all sense, the characters were no longer who they were, and the ending was beyond underwhelming that leaves you questioning why you wasted your time with this series. And if you ask me, nothing about this book is even close to being legendary.

BONUS: how this book made me feel in a GIF



Title: Dawn of Legends (Blood of Gods and Royals #4)
Author: Eleanor Herman
Release Date: June 26, 2018
Pages: 384 (Hardcover)

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