What happens when you want more in life than just running the bases?

You hang out at home plate and stop playing the field.

He’s sexy and irresistible. I’ve done my best to ignore the magnetism that flows between us. I don’t need complications in my life. I can’t get wrapped up in his world, the last thing I need is to get attached to a professional athlete. I don’t have time for heartbreak.

Something about her pulls me in. I want to get to know her. I want a chance to show her I’m more than just my career, my paycheck. I’m the man for her. I know I am. No matter how much she resists this connection between us. It doesn’t change the fact that she’s my grand slam.

You ever start a book thinking it’s exactly what you need but the more you get into it, the more you truly regret your decision? That was me and this book. I was trolling Goodreads one day and this book came up on my feed and obviously I was intrigued since I a) love NA sport romances and b) love baseball as a whole. What could go wrong, right? Well, apparently everything could go wrong. And all the things that went wrong were things that I couldn’t even anticipate. I mean, it sounded like a relatively safe and cute story and therefore it’d be hard to be mad at it. And yet, here I am simmering with rage. I feel like I got played. I played myself.


  • It’s kind of hard for me to say something nice about this book but I guess the best thing is that the general idea and plot of this book was pretty good. I like the idea of the pro athlete falling for the plain girl who couldn’t care less about his status and cares more about who he is. I also generally like the idea of a guy knowing the girl is the “one” upon first meeting, even if it went a bit too hard here. So like, overall, the story idea was a good one. However, the execution…..oh boy.


  • As I literally just said, the entire execution of this book was just bad from the start. I didn’t have many problems grammatically or systematically, yada yada, but it was just the way the author chose to layout the story that was more or less terrible. I understand that a lot of this book is based on the idea of love at first sight and “when you know, you know” kind of thing but dear lord, there was WAY too much instalove in this book and it got on my nerves. It honestly felt like once the author came up with her idea she just wanted to force it on you and it was like you had to accept it whether you wanted to or not. It was a bit nauseating and felt like I couldn’t breathe sometimes, and not in the good way. This fluffy overprotective instalove between the two characters was essentially suffocating me and I could barely take it. And there’s also the fact that a lot of the romance and feelings were TOLD rather than SHOWN and the reader (aka me) had no choice but to accept whatever was going on. I want to see how the characters fall for each other and I want to feel what they feel. I want to see them take the journey and go through every single emotion until finally landing on the big L word.
  • I feel like this book was way too cliched and cheesy for my taste. I understand the point of the overall romance but the amount of times that Easton had to say how much Larissa was “it” for him and how he wanted to take care of her and her daughter was excruciating. So it was also repetitive, and it was annoying. I think this ties back to the whole “telling and not showing” thing but because the author had to keep telling you how they were feeling it got repetitive and therefore got cliched and cheesy. And again, the author was so stuck in this idea that it was more important getting to the endgame rather than letting the story unfold organically.
  • I came here for quality hot baseball player content and you know what? It’s pretty hard to get that kind of content when THE BASEBALL ISN’T EVEN ACCURATE! Sweet lord, has this author ever heard of research? Did anybody fact check this book? It doesn’t take a genius to read some of the baseball prose in this book and think “hey, this doesn’t sound right.” It honestly sounded like the author knew of either hockey or football schedules and thought that baseball would be the same. Newsflash: you can’t use them interchangeably!!! Baseball players don’t magically have multiple days off during the week nor do they only have two fricking home games in a weekend. This is probably something that’ll only bother me but looking at the big picture, if the author can’t even get something as mundane as this correct then what else has she gotten wrong? What other areas of her writing are glazed over? Is she lazy? Unwilling to be educated on simple things? I’m being dramatic but it’s important to me.


  • If you like cheesy and cliched romances then you’re probably safe with this one. But, if you’re like me and want that quality hot baseball player content, please don’t read this. Save yourself. Read something better. The only saving grace is that this book is really short so if you do start it, it’ll be over before you know it.

BONUS: how this book made me feel in a GIF



Title: Beyond the Bases
Author: Kaylee Ryan
Release Date: July 31, 2018
Pages: 198 (eBook)

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