Hello friends and happy Tuesday!

First off, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Now that it’s a new year, we get to start fresh with all of our goals and dreams. I’ve seen some people say that 2018 was a horrible year for them but I feel like it was a relatively ok year. It wasn’t fantastic but I don’t have many complaints. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have any goals or things I’d like to do better in 2019, especially where this blog is concerned. I feel like a lot of us are gonna have the same goals here and honestly, that’s great. It means that we can all work together and cheer one another on for accomplishing such goals.


I realized a couple months into my last Reading Challenge of 100 books that I was worrying more about the amount of books that I was reading as opposed to the quality of books I was reading. Sure, there were some amazing books and stories that I read last year but that big number was always in the back of my mind and it made me appreciate what I was reading a bit less. I focused more on finishing the challenge and meeting those 100 books instead of putting all of myself in the stories in front of me. So this year, I’m going to challenge myself to read 50 new books. If I read more than that, great! But I’m not going to stress myself out with an intimidating number and potentially ruin the thing I love most.


One thing that I did not do last year was reread books because I was so focused on hitting that Big 100, and I didn’t want to include books I’ve already read. It felt immoral. But this year, I want to reread more of my favourites. Part of my challenge this year, actually, is to try and reread 50 books along with reading 50 new books. So I’m still attempting the Big 100 but in a different way. Rereading is one of my favourite things to do and I want to do more of it this year.


So I kind of lost a bit of my way in terms of blogging this year, whether it was because I was too busy with work or school or I just couldn’t find any reason to make the effort to blog, but that’s the one thing I want to change this year. I want to create more of a solid schedule for myself and just write more fun, engaging posts, not just reviews. My Moodboard Monday and COTW posts will still happen, counting on the fact I remember to post before 10pm at night every week, but I want to talk about more than just books. I’ve always thought about talking about the different makeup products I’m addicted to so maybe I’ll start a monthly post about that. Maybe I can even do a monthly playlist of songs that I can’t stop listening to while I read. I also just subscribed to Owlcrate so I could post an unboxing each month. Anything to give my blog more variety and entertainment is my goal, honestly. I want to engage with you all more, follow more of you, and just have the best time being a blogger.


I love social media and I’m on my “fandom” Twitter account all the time, but my account for this blog and Book Twitter in general is relatively neglected so I want to try to be better with that. I’m also trying to up my Instagram game, particularly my Instastories, so it’s a big work in progress. But again, I think the Owlcrate will help both my #bookstagram aspirations as well as my Twitter game. Feel free to give those both a follow or drop your handles in the comments. I’d love to follow you all!


It’s not that I hate this current look, but change is always good. I think a slight redesign will give my blog a fresh, new look. I want to give my blog new featured images and better post titles as well, so that’s another thing I want to work on this year.


If you guys don’t know, I’m currently in a publishing program and have been busy working hard to understand this crazy industry. This semester, part of our time will be working a 6 week internship which can hopefully open more doors to jobs and I’m hoping that I’ll be lucky enough to not only have a great internship but to lead to an awesome job.


I’ve been attempting to learn handlettering, and I’d say I’m decent, and I’ve always been envious of those who have bullet journals. I actually have one sitting on my desk that’s been there since September, but I’ve been waiting for the new year to begin to start using it. So my personal goal is to try doing that and keeping up with it. Feel free to give me any kind of tips, I could definitely use them!

Well, I think those are all the main goals I’d like to focus on for now. I hope that I’m able to accomplish some of these, if not all, and I encourage all of you to kick me if I fall behind.

Until next time,


What are your goals for 2019? Leave a comment below!


    1. Thank you! I hope you get to do a bit of rereading this year, it’s something I recommend for everyone. Happy reading to you too!


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