Hello friends and happy Friday!

I don’t know about you guys, but it is FREEZING here! I’m pretty sure it was -13 degrees when I left my house this morning and it’s just remained cold. But maybe a nice little lovefest will warm me up with all the lovey goodness I’m about to spread. This will be a bit of a short and sweet introduction seeing as this week’s character should be a bit of an obvious choice. While I had just read their book last week, I had met them prior to it and every encounter I have with them just makes me appreciate them even more. They are the kind of character I wish I had to look up to when I was a kid, but I will still gladly accept them now.

This week’s character is…..

*drum roll*

Willowdean Dickson!


Ok, I’m pretty sure we all know who she is by now, but if you don’t know, Willowdean Dickson is the main protagonist from Julie Murphy’s Dumplin’, which is not only a YA book but a Netflix movie as well! This is a book that revolves around body positivity and breaking social norms and perceptions and Willowdean is the best person to be at the frontline of it. While she is a self-proclaimed fat girl, comfortable in her own body and owning it at every chance she gets, she still goes through insecurities that almost all of us go through. But at the end of the day, Willowdean still has all this confidence to be herself and not let what others say hurt her. Is she fat? Hell yes. Does it bother her? Hell no! While she joined her mother’s pageant to prove some kind of point, whether it was to herself or her mom or to the rest of the world, part of it came from her insecurities and was a way to get her confidence back, to feel even better about herself and own her body. She didn’t intend to become a “spokesperson” for the misfits and the weirdos but she helped a lot of other girls be comfortable with themselves and essentially own their insecurities. For me, I loved seeing someone like Willowdean not let what others say about her bother her and became someone who truly loved herself and didn’t quite let her body hold her back. I also loved seeing how someone else can love her back and how she worked on trusting that person and opening up to them. I would’ve loved to have a role model like Willowdean when I was still a teenager so it would change my perception, and while I’m not quite a teenager anymore I will still see her in that light. Willowdean is also a huge Dolly Parton fan and while this isn’t the typical thing teenage girls are into, and sometimes a thing that can bring ridicule, Will just owns it and defends Dolly to the death. If Dolly can bring her all of this happiness then how is it a bad thing? Willowdean shows people to not only own themselves but to own what they like and there isn’t anything someone can say that should change your mind. I hope in the future I can see more characters like Willowdean because she is truly magical.


“But that’s me. I’m fat. It’s not a cuss word. It’s not an insult. At least it’s not when I say it. So I always figure why not get it out of the way?” 


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