Hello friends and happy Friday!

Phew, what a busy week this has been and I’ve missed our weekly lovefest the past few times but I think the person I’ve picked today will make up for it. I honestly meant to talk about them last week and was so mad I didn’t get to it, but I’m incredibly happy to talk about them right now. This is a relatively new character to me but I adore them completely. I’ve talked about them a lot when I was reading their book and definitely talked about them to everyone I know. If I could just circle this character with all my love and protection I’d be very happy.

This week’s character is…

*drum roll*



If you haven’t read The Gilded Wolves yet, please do so. It’s so magical and a hell of a lot of fun. But Hypnos is one of the main characters from this book and while I began being a bit wary of him, he quickly found the way to my heart and I truly want to love and protect him until the end of time. Hypnos is the patriarch of House Nyx and he has the power of illusion, which is pretty cool, and when you first meet him you think he’s going to be the overall antagonist and the thorn in Sèverin’s side. But as the story goes on, you not only learn to trust Hypnos but really learn to love him. It’s so interesting that he and Sèverin grew up together and dreamt of being patriarchs together, but only that came true for one of them. Yet, it’s still something Hypnos dreams for Sèverin because he doesn’t want to be the only young patriarch. All Hypnos really wants is friends and to have that feeling of belonging, to ultimately find a family that cares for him and that’s what really got to me. He is also the most chaotic character I’ve ever encountered and the energy he emits is just inexplicable. You wonder if he only thrives on such chaos, and I do think it’s partially true, and he loves his fun and games, but he also has a really sweet heart. He cares so much about the group Sèverin has formed and really wants to be a part of it, and I think he would do anything to help them and protect them at this point. There was one moment with Zofia where he makes a joke and she tells him that jokes make her uncomfortable, so he responds by saying he’ll remember that for the future and I swear, my heart just about burst there. He is so kind and considerate, especially of Zofia, and I would really like to know who doesn’t love this man. Truly. I just want to see Hypnos happy and thriving on all the chaos if it means he will get love in return. Not to be dramatic, but I would probably die for him and I better not see any harm come his way throughout the rest of the series. He’s my little baby boy.


“[What would friendship entail?] Well, on Wednesdays, we sacrifice a cat to Satan.” 


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