Hello friends and happy Saturday!

Ok so, before we get into the lovefest, I just want to say that my COTW segment/meme/weekly postings will now be moved to Saturdays due to how busy I’m about to be with school and then starting an internship (which I’m really excited about!) so it makes sense to move that to Saturdays rather than Fridays. I hope that’s ok with everyone. Now, onto this week’s character! This one should really be no surprise as I have not been able to stop talking about this character for the past couple weeks. This character took me from indifference to pure love in like a nanosecond. They deserve the whole world and I want everyone to know it.

This week’s character is…

*drum roll*

Zoya Nasyalensky!


If you’re not familiar with Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse you definitely need to get on that, but Zoya is a character that appears in her latest release, King of Scars but has also been featured in both The Grisha Trilogy AND Six of Crows, even if it was for a hot second. Zoya is definitely a character that you either love or hate, but I think we should all love her. I definitely started off not liking Zoya at all, given how poorly she treated Alina, but I was willing to give her a chance and get to know her. Now that I know her, Zoya is without a doubt a character I would die for. We got to see how being favoured by The Darkling really messed with her, how he found her weakness and truly exploited it, and how Zoya swore to never let that happen to her or anyone again. But we also see what it was like for Zoya as a child and how her mother used her as a bargaining piece and, again, how this was something that provoked Zoya to become strong. I love seeing how much she cares about Ravka and how hard she tries to protect it. I love seeing how much she cares and protects Nikolai, and while she can see herself being with him in an alternate universe, she knows that it’s not right for Ravka. She puts Ravka before herself and I find that to be extremely selfless of her. Some might see Zoya has rude or a bitch or whatever, but if she was a male character everyone would be singing her praises. Well, Zoya can be just who she is for me to sing her praises. I am so happy Leigh decided to revisit her character because she had so much to tell us. She might not be ready to see herself as a Grisha queen, but I definitely do. And I hope she has even more time to shine in the conclusion of this series and prove that she is the strongest Grisha of them all.


“They said she was cruel because she’d been harmed in the past. They claimed she was cold because she just hadn’t met the right fellow to warm her. Anything to soften her edges and sweeten her disposition—and what was the fun in that? Zoya’s company was like strong drink. Bracing— and best to abstain if you couldn’t handle the kick.” 


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