How To Be A Blogger When Your Laptop Dies

Hey, remember me? Your super opinionated local blogger?

Yes, I’m still here. I promise.

While I’ve evolved into the type of blogger that posts for myself whenever I feel like it more than keeping up to schedules, tending to post 2-3 times a week with some breaks here and there, even I know that remaining quiet for almost an entire month is irregular for me in this new era of blogging. So what happened?

Long story short: my laptop died! Completely! Dead battery, terrible charging, the whole shebang.

For essentially three whole weeks (which felt more like a lifetime) I was laptopless, making the everyday quarantine life that much duller. And I’ve learned that you can’t really be a blogger with a dead laptop. But here’s a little secret: even though I haven’t been blogging in the traditional sense, my blogger brain was still whirring.

So that begs the question: how do you continue to be a blogger with a dead laptop?

First of all, you just get to read more than you probably would have before. Without a laptop to distract you, pulling you down into every single rabbit hole you can think of falling down in the internet, you can really focus on just reading. And thankfully Goodreads still exists and can easily be accessed through phones and tablets, but don’t think you’re going to have an easy time writing reviews that way. I can assure you, crafting book reviews on an iPhone is insanely hard. At least it is for me. But what’s important is that you’re still reading and keeping your mind active.

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Secondly, without the distraction of the internet and constantly focusing on your blog and keeping up with trends and such, you can take a step back and really think about what you want to post about. An involuntary blogging break is a great way to actually take a look at not just your blog but who you are as a blogger and understand why you do what you do. Find a notebook, grab a pen, and start scribbling down any thought that might enter your mind. I already know who I am in this 2020 version of my blog, but for others a dead laptop can be like a therapeutic cleanse and possibly inspire a better version of your blogging self.

And lastly, the best way to keep being a blogger with a dead laptop is trying to stay active on social media and keep up with what’s being talked about, what’s being released, and what you can draw inspiration from. I don’t quite recommend Book Twitter (both versions have a lot of toxicity, if you ask me) but I do think Bookstagram is a great way to keep in touch with the book blogging world. Not all bookstagrammers are bloggers, but what I love is that it’s still a community where you just talk about books and show love to things that need it. A Bookstagram account is one of the easiest things to start and keep up with and I’ve found it to be a great outlet for when there’s little to no blogging inspiration in my brain.

Ross Butler | Gif Hunter - Your Roleplay Helper

With a dead laptop, you can’t quite be a blogger in the more practical sense but there are always ways to keep your mind going and staying involved in the community, whichever one you feel most comfortable in. So I suppose my words of wisdom for those who also suffer from a dead laptop is that it’s not really the end of the world. It absolutely sucks and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, but there are always ways to stay active and keep going.

And if all else fails, I guess you can just go binge Netflix or Disney+ or Crave or any of the other millions of streaming sites in the world.


  1. Social media really comes through when your laptop is out of commission to keep you connected to your community right? I took an unintentional break from actually blogging on my laptop, but it was great still being on music Twitter and getting updates on new artists and music on Instagram!

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